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How a daily multivitamin might change everything for you!

So there I was – eating healthy, drinking tons of water, working out daily, playing beach volleyball, and cleansing each year…then I got an auto-immune thyroid disease! What a jip right?! How could that possibly happen? Does that mean that … Continue reading

Same-day food-poisoning cure!

You ate some bad food. Your stomach is starting to do THAT THING. What do you do now??? Do this and you’ll be back to normal by the end of the day. It’s worked for me and for countless others. … Continue reading

My personal battle with Graves disease…and how I won!

(This is my personal story…yes ME – Terry Givens!) Here is the long and the short of it … I’m writing this in October 2016. Since spring 2015, I was gradually becoming more and more fatigued (3 hour daily naps, … Continue reading


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