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The 4 secrets to cooking healthy

  …YOU START WITH HEALTHY INGREDIENTS!   What’s more important than HOW you make it, is WHAT you start with in the first place!   Rule #1 Less Chemicals Why? Chemicals turn into fat in your body or they build … Continue reading

Are there REALLY chemicals in American food?

Don’t freak out but Chemicals (toxins) are added to the food to make it grow faster, resist disease, and last longer on the shelf…THAT IS THE KEY TO WHAT IS HEALTHY AND WHAT IS NOT. Common sense tells me that … Continue reading

30 Day Walking Challenge!

— RULES FOR THE 30 DAY WALKING CHALLENGE! — 1 Walk/run/crawl 30-45 minutes each day (That’s 10,000 steps) 2 Do it 5 days a week 3 That’s 25 miles a week and 100 miles in a month! (THAT’S 200,000 steps!) … Continue reading

How to Get Fat Without Trying!

10 easy steps! Step #1 – drink as little water as possible (drink soda, juice, energy drinks instead) Step #2 – avoid eating uncooked vegetables and fruits (boil them, bake them, fry them) Step #3 – eat bread and pasta … Continue reading

Your definition of “healthy” is probably all wrong!

NEWSFLASH: “Healthy Food” has a different meaning for EVERYONE!   To one person, “healthy” means – Low fat – Low calories – Wheat bread vs white bread – low sodium To another person, “healthy” means – Chicken vs red meat … Continue reading

The secret to staying commited to Resetting for life!

What will give you the energy to keep going with these Challenges day after day, week after week, month after month?…results. Thousands and thousands of little tiny daily, weekly, monthly results. Each one will fuel you to make it another … Continue reading


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