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She started at 200lbs and a size 20, then after 4 months of adding two common foods to her diet, the unexpected happened!

Meet Heather. She lives in South Carolina and is in the construction industry. Heather heard about the Water Challenge and the Salad Challenge in 2014. The rules are she had to drink 100 ounces of water each day (based on … Continue reading

WARNING: If you are finishing your Master Cleanse – DO NOT START EATING RIGHT AWAY!

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are finishing your Master Cleanse – DO NOT START EATING RIGHT AWAY! (Read the cleanse instruction document!!) Why?: Your stomach no longer has the digestive enzymes to break down food. You need 2-3 days to … Continue reading

Here’s why you got sick as a dog doing your cleanse!

This cleansing process is like painting… As you live life and you get sick or take antibiotics or have an illness, your body builds layers on top of the residual toxins year after year. like layers of paint colors (blue … Continue reading

I just spent 40 minutes driving around to find a place to eat!

I just spent the past 40 minutes, driving around in rush hour traffic, trying to find a quick place to eat! “Say what??” “How is that possible??” “Are you in the desert??” I’m in a different part of town I’m … Continue reading

I just signed my book Publishing Agreement!! It just got REAL!

Great news everyone. I just signed my book Publishing Agreement!! It just got REAL! I’ve been working for 4 yrs to bring this to a reality! “Reset Your Body: The handbook to Naturally grow younger as you age“ Start to … Continue reading

What to take on your flight so you don’t fall victim airport food!

Jumping on a 15hr flight to Stockholm, Sweden. What do I bring to snack on so I don’t fall victim to not so good airport food? BOOM! – Raw almonds – baby carrots – dried cranberries – apples It’s not … Continue reading

This is the most backwards substance on Earth…and you have it in you!

If you’re wondering why water is having such odd side effects on your body…   Scientifically speaking, water is weird stuff! #1 – It is the only natural substance found in all three physical states at the temperatures that naturally … Continue reading

What To Expect During a 5-10 Day Cleanse!

4 Ways to Guarantee You’re Ready for a Cleanse!

IMPORTANT READ!!! Four Ways To Get Your Mind Ready for the Cleanse 1 – Block off the time on your calendar I’ll say again, there is NEVER a good time to do a cleanse. Unless you’re a social derelict, you … Continue reading

I’m On Day 2500 with my Reset!

Just wanted to remind everyone, I created the 8 Reset Challenges to give people a way to make these 13 Core Reset Steps a part of your daily life, permanently. Goal: 1 – Try The 8 Reset Challenges out for … Continue reading

NEWS FLASH: This belief lead directly to you being healthy…

Your BELIEFS lead directly to your ACTIONS! Example: If you BELIEVE that all bathrooms have a light switch, you will fumble and search and look all over until you find that switch, won’t you? On the other hand, if you … Continue reading

Make these 13 steps your guide to turn back the hands of time in your body!

Your goal… Make these 13 steps your guide to turn back the hands of time in your body…and grow younger as you age! Click here to read the details of each of the 13 Core Reset Steps. Which step will … Continue reading

All Sugar Isn’t Bad…But This Type is The Same As Poison!

Soooo. How many of you started the No Sugar Challenge? Table sugar – “It’s shredded, boiled, evaporated, strained, separated, vaporized, drained, pressed, chemicals added, etc. The resulting crystals that we call sugar, are no longer recognizable to your body in … Continue reading

Why I Don’t Like Protein Powders

Protein powder… -Do you take it every day? -Do you add it to your smoothies? WHY? Saw it in a recipe? Heard it from a guy at the gym? Legit reasons for protein powder: 1) A vegetarian trying to increase … Continue reading

Only 5% of You Will Make It!

Statistically speaking, only 5% of people get what they really want out of life. 5% of people have the career they want; the family life they want; the spouse they want; have the freedom they want; drive the car they … Continue reading

Lost 60lbs in 4 Months. The 3 Things She Did…

My old high school buddy, Erica in Ohio Lost 60lbs in 4 months! Basically 4 Months straight of: Water Challenge No Bread Challenge and Eliminating Soda! Next goal: Master Cleanse Challenge Your turn!

These are Jessica’s favorite shorts when she was in high school!

These are Jessica’s favorite shorts when she was in high school. It’s never too late, or too soon – to Reset Your Body and make a good thing even better! What she did: The Master Cleanse Challenge is her secret. … Continue reading

My 41st Birthday Photo. Ready for a Laugh?

Happy Birthday to me 41 does not suck! Ready to Reset YOUR body too?

Find Out Who is Paying $8 For a Dozen Eggs, and Why You Might Be Next!

I DO! I talk about my $8 per dozen farmers market, organic, pasture raised chicken eggs all the time. A wise man once told me: You’ll either pay the grocer, or you’ll pay the doctor, but you’ll always pay! Look … Continue reading

“I lost another whole person!” Down 168lbs and Here’s How

“I lost another whole person!” This is my cousin Alisha when she started her Reset at 393lbs. Since then she’s dropped 168lbs in 1 year and 8 months! How? She LIVES the Water Challenge and the 21 Salad Challenge and … Continue reading

Breast cancer survivor goes from 13 medications to 1 and cures her asthma with this Reset Challenge!

Terry Givens interview Pam Hill in California Pam was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then she was diagnosed with asthma. She tells her amazing experience with a 10 day Master Cleanse that changed her life. She went from taking 13 daily … Continue reading

How the Master Cleanse Literally Saved Her Life After She Was Poisoned…Amazing!

This is Leah’s story on how the Master Cleanse Challenge literally saved her life after she was poisoned…amazing! “In my early twenties I purchased a house that had termite damage. After treating the house for the termites I started getting … Continue reading

Down 70+ lbs and 8 inches on his waist!!

“Dear Terry when you told me about Challenge 1, back in the last week of august 2013. I was an unhealthy 360+lbs. =12/31/2013 I was down to 300lbs. Today Feb 24, 2014 I’m 286lbs my waist from 54 to 46 … Continue reading

How NOT to Drink Water!

Wrong way… – take a quick swig. Wet your mouth. Done How to drink water to drink MORE water: – drink from a larger opening container – chug! The longer, better! – the larger the cup, the better – room … Continue reading

4 Reasons Why “eating a salad” Beats “eating more fiber”!

1) bran muffins & bran cereal are cooked at high temperature that kills and weakens the power of the live enzymes from the original plant 2) Uncooked vegetables provide MILLIONS of live enzymes that act like DRANO to eat away … Continue reading

Please stop giving your doctor a job he didn’t ask for!

– Medical doctors go to medical school to learn how the human body reacts to medications/drugs – They are here to temporarily stabilize us in the case of a traumatic accident or sudden event – They are NOT here to … Continue reading

5 Months From Now You Will Be Younger Than You Are Today. Here’s How!

Here’s what you do: 1) Print this sheet and fill in what dates you’ll do each Reset Challenge 2) Recruit some friends, your co-workers, or join almost 2000 of us in my free support group. 3) 5 Months later, … Continue reading

Re-post: Are Microwaves Safe? I Stopped Using Them In 2007 Because of This!

I agree with the Food Babe (also she is highly attractive) And we’ve all heard the story of the science experiment where the kid takes 2 plants, heats water to a boil with a MICROWAVE, cools it down – … Continue reading

Doctors Told Him He Wouldn’t Walk in 10 Years, No One Predicted What He Does Now!

Leonard is 48yrs old. 17 years ago the doctor told him he wouldn’t be able to walk…now he’s running! How cool is this!! (His posts on the free Reset Cleanse Support group) More on Leonard’s amazing story! My favorite part … Continue reading

Use Junk Food to Your Advantage. Let’s Make a Deal…

Yum! You want it?…EARN IT! Start making yourself some “Health Deals”!… – You can have a soda/coffee for every 2 glasses of pure water you drink FIRST – You can have 1 sweet/dessert for every salad that you have FIRST … Continue reading

Re-post: Woman Drinks 1 Gallon of Water Everyday, and the Final picture results are shocking

Who’s ready for The Water Challenge after this?? This article tells it all! What is the Water Challenge? Click here and get started today!

Re-post: How American Food Makes Us Fat and Sick

After traveling to a handful of countries, I can attest to this! – 65% of Americans are over weight That’s 2 out of every 3 people! But it’s fixable! Have you eaten food in another country? Do you agree? Read … Continue reading

Video – The 8 Reset Challenges – How to Grow Younger as You Age

Terry gives a full 1 hour presentation to a group of 300 real estate investors in Chicago about 8 health Reset Challenges to undo years of damage to their bodies. You will hear: 5:18 The old me 9:02 Why we … Continue reading

Video – When You Drink More Water, You Need More Of This Too…

Water Challengers – Who else has noticed that after a while of drinking the proper amount of water, that you are always thirsty for more? That’s because when you drink more water, your body needs more sea salt (not the … Continue reading

Warning! Hold strong to your health beliefs

Everyday your health beliefs will be challenged! Everyday you will read a study or article or blog that will tell you, out-right, that drinking more water is bad for you, or that there is no benefit to eating raw vegetables … Continue reading


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