1 Day Reset! [#5]

Afterwards you’ll be lighter, less backed up, less sick, and more energetic!


What is the Purpose?

Cleanse to REMOVE 'RATS'!

Cleanse to REMOVE ‘RATS’!

What if we could take 1 day, 24 hours, and undo the past week or two of bad living, or bad eating, or too much partying? That’s what the 1 Day Reset is for. It’s a super simple, FAST way to Reset your body and jump start you onto the healthy train! Choo Choo!

It’s easy to slip up in our eating choices and our fitness goals. Can you say “vacation”? Traveling is notorious for getting people off of their Reset eating habits; or throwing people out of their work out routines. It’s so easy to get used to doing nothing huh?

I created this 1 Day Reset to literally kick start my body and my energy and flush out whatever was clogging my system from the past few weeks of disciplinary digressions. It will happen to the best us!

I basically took the Veggie Cleanse (Challenge #6) and shortened it down to 1 day and added a few super strong antibacterial (yet tasty) concoctions to it, to maximize the punch.

Summary of the day:

Salt flush to clean out slow moving or stalled food in the 30ft of intestines
Ginger tea to fight bacterial and viral infections and improve digestion
Reset Soup to fight bacterial and viral infections
Chug water like a mad all day to flush out toxins and boost energy
No meat or breads or pastas all day
No Soda or energy drinks or alcohol all day
Another serving of Reset Soup
1 final salt flush to get the junk out
Replenish any lost beneficial bacteria
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Get back to eating like a champ!

(Remember to download the detailed step by step 1 Day Reset Instructions!)


How Does It Work?

No meat, no processed carbs (breads, pastas, baked goods…)
The purpose here is to eat only vegetables and fruits. I want to flood your body with tons of live enzymes (the billions of tiny “soldiers” that help to digest and break down food we eat. The less you cook veggies and fruits, the more live enzymes there are) and tons of fiber to move the food from A to B. So you’ll want to be sure to try and eat at least half of your food raw (uncooked) on the 1 Day Reset. (salads, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, etc)

We’re cutting out meat and breads, pastas, baked goods, etc for 2 reasons. 1) They are harder for your body to digest (energy hogs) 2) they are more clogging. We are slowing down the intake for a day, so that we can clear out old gunk and toxins.

Replenish any lost beneficial gut bacteria
One side effect of the salt flush (power washing your insides) is not only does it flush out old food, toxins, wastes – but it also washes out billions of the good bacteria too. A healthy person has billions of bacteria in their intestines that aid in digestion and break down and assimilation of foods and nutrients. If we aren’t careful, after a few salt flushes, once we go back to eating, you can have digestive issues for a while: stomach pains after eating, diarrhea, general stomach discomfort.

1) Eating fermented and cultured foods (yogurts, sauerkraut, pickles, kefir, etc)
2) Taking powerful probiotic supplements (1 billion plus live organisms – I know if sounds like your pulling a gaggle of alien monsters in your mouth, don’t freak out!)

You want to be sure to focus on increasing these in your diet for 1-2 days right at the completion of your 1 Day Reset.


This is #5 of the 8 Challenges to Reset Your Body. This is your 1st taste at a cleanse. Don’t focus on what you are afraid MIGHT happen…Focus on the benefits that COULD happen.

And remember, after you complete this Challenge, you can start Challenge #6 within the next 30 days…keep your momentum. BE WELL…


“I did the one day cleanse Monday and now I’m in the process of doing 1-4 challenges for 10 days
– Doing water
– Salad
– No sugar no pasta
– No bread challenges
UPDATE: 9lbs in 10 days. 20 more days and this should become a habit. This is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. Thanks again Terry.”
– M.M


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