10 Reasons Your Reset Isn’t Working


(1) Skipping or Omitting Steps



There are 13 Reset Rules.

A) You have to do all the Steps and

B) You have to do everything the Step entails.

– Bad news…just doing the Water Challenge is not a cure all! (keep going)
– You can’t do everything, but STILL CONTINUE to eat bread every day.
– You can’t do the Veggie, or Juice, or Master Cleanse BUT SKIP the salt flush (or some other colon irrigating method as a replacement)
– You can’t have a cheat DAY, it’s a cheat meal.
– You can’t do all these BUT NOT drink half your body weight in oz of water daily

It’s like baking a cake. You need all the ingredients to make the cake right, right? If you leave the eggs out, how bad is that cake? Follow the recipe


(2) Inconsistency



You can’t try to “average things” out over a week. Every day millions of cells are dying and being created in your body. Every day counts (of course wild life events will happen but how often?)

– You can’t eat one salad a day for a week then try to triple up on salads the next week.

– You can’t go 18 months between annual cleanses.
– You can’t workout one day a week.





(3) Too Much Processed Food



The chemicals and preservatives and antibiotics in most mass produced food in America are constantly dumping more and more toxins into your body. Even if you cut back to a 70%vegetable diet and remove breads and pastas from your meals, if they are still laced with these energy sapping and toxic substances, your body is spending too much time and energy fighting them. Organic food will also deliver a far higher nutritional bang for your buck and feed your cells with “high octane” fuel. EAT ORGANIC






(4) Not Working Out



You can’t skip this step unless you are ok with slower results. Have people been able to hit their Reset goals without working out? YES. Does it take longer? YES

Keep in mind “working out four days a week” can look like lots of things. It does NOT mean that you have to be throwing weights around in a gym, or running marathons, or jellifying your body with Crossfit workouts (BUT if you are bad ass enough to do those things, you’ll see and feel the difference). Maybe you’ll jump rope as your workout, hula-hoop, jog, DVD home work-out, BUT the key is to push yourself and shock and surprise your body. If you already workout, then get a trainer. If you hit the gym hard, then pick up a sport. Keep your body from being able to fire on auto mode and get bored with your workout and thus gain no challenge from the workout.






(5) You Need More Frequent Cleansing



Once a year of a fasting cleanse and a mid-year Veggie Cleanse and the occasional 1-Day Reset will be enough for many of you to hit your health goal and maintain it for the rest of your life. But guess what? Your name isn’t “Many of you” so you may need to do more to get more. You may be old and you have decades of more toxic load or fat or deeper seeded illnesses. You may be trying to lose 100 or more pounds of fat. You may just have a stubborn body. There could be a lot of reasons. It really doesn’t matter why. You just need more!

If you have 100 pounds or more of fat you’re trying to lose, you can perform the Master/Juice Cleanses every 30 days (give your body a 30-day rest period in between to give it time to repair and build itself up to prepare for the next round).

You may need to do 1-Day Resets more often to undo damage from lacking discipline with your eating habits. You can do the 1-Day Reset with no limitations for as long as you like (days in a row, weeks in a row). It’s great for your body. NOTE: If you decide to do it for weeks at a time, you don’t need to do two daily salt flushes. One a day is fine. And be sure to add cultured foods and probiotics to your diet to replenish the good bacteria being salt flushed away.

Remember, the longer each cleanse, the deeper it exponentially repairs. So a 10-day cleanse will be FAR more beneficial than two five day cleanses with rest in between. Maybe you need to work your way up from a five day cleanse, to 10+ day cleanses. Think of it this way:

Imagine your cleanse process as a group of lumberjacks chopping trees deeper into a fast growing forest. On day one they hack in 10 feet. Then they rest at night. On Day 2 they start already at 10 feet in, then they hack in 10 feet more. Now there are 20 feet in. So every day, they are able to start where they left off the night before. BUT if they take a day off, 10 feet will grow back. So as long as those little lumber jacks keep working every day, they’ll go deeper and deeper.


(6) Medications



I’ve seen situations where the drugs or medications someone was taking were severely slowing down their Reset. NOTE: I’m not saying to go cold turkey and end your medications. That’s between you and your doctor. Use your common sense, please. AND at the same time, take responsibility for your life and success. Pay attention to your body. Only you can feel what you’re feeling.

Some medications cause too many side effects and they wreak havoc on your body’s systems or cause mineral deficiencies. Sometimes the dosage can be so high the residual toxic load is just too much for your body to remove every day. Sometimes people have allergies or exaggerated reactions to a particular medication. The drug still works for what it’s prescribed, but it can also cause an inflammatory reaction that has its own issues.


(7) Allergies



There are thousands of stories of people with daily routine or family tradition – a thing they drink (a tea, or juice) or eat (a snack, or type of vegetable) that they have had an allergic reaction to all their life and had no idea. A man has had life-long sneezing. Not terrible, but a big annoyance. Every morning, since childhood, he has his mom’s recipe tea. One time he leaves town for a week, has no tea. A mazingly enough, no sneezing! CURED. Then he returns home, goes back to his tea. SNEEZING again. It took him 30 years, but he figured it out.

You may have some sort of food allergy that is slowing or all together stopping your body from making further progress to reach your goal. A particular food might be making you constipated, turning into fat easily, causing skin issues, causing inflammation (breathing issues, joint pain, etc)., and causing water retention. Anything.

You may need to start removing certain foods from your diet, one at a time, and keeping a food journal to note your body’s reaction (start with the foods that you have eaten, the longest). A great time to do this is when you are coming off of a fast (Juice/Master Cleanse). Slowly start adding foods back into your diet, four days at a time, and note how they affect you. Patience is key here.


(8) Not Using Herbal Supplementation



More often than not, people will skip Core Step # 10 – Find The Right Herbal Supplements for You. You MUST start taking a strong, potent Daily Multivitamin/Multimineral…period. Click to read this article where I explain how it will reverse years of mineral deficiencies that you don’t even know you have and how to select an effective multivitamin and not waste your money.

You can ALSO get more targeted with herbal supplements. After a lifetime of damage and toxins targeted at your weak spot, more often than not, it will need a boost and a leg up to function normally again. Medicinal herbs are the boost, the hack, the way to naturally target your weak spot for special attention. In my case, with my joints being my weak spot (bad ankles, bad knees, bad shoulders) after a lot of experimentation, I found what gives me the boost I need – daily fish oil (lubes my joints), daily turmeric (anti-inflammatory) – along with tons of daily water and a mostly vegetable diet. They were the punch that I needed, and still need to this day, to maintain my equilibrium. But I had to play around with different fish oils (liquid vs. capsule, cod liver vs Udol’s oil, etc).

Yours might be a sluggish bowel and constipation issues – so drinking aloe Aloe vera Vera oil, might be a supplement you need. Maybe you have wild digestive issues – so probiotic supplements would help you. Or you seem to get colds a lot – daily lot. Daily garlic intake or ginger teas might be your herbs of choice. Maybe you’re dealing with prostate issues –. S saw palmetto could help you. Migraines, low energy, poor eyesight, acne, yeast infections, insulin deficiencies, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and thousands more issues – can be addressed with the proper herbal supplementation, once your body ibody has Reset enough for your systems to be able to do what they were made to do.


(9) Deeper Seated Disease



Here is a sad fact. There are those that have had a disease for so long and their lifestyle has hammered it deeper and deeper into their body’s organs, that it reaches the point where the detoxification of the illness causes such violent and prolonged pain and discomfort, they don’t have the time or stamina to endure it. That, my friends, is what doctors, drugs, and medications were created for. And they are stellar at doing the job. Using standard doctors, drugs, and medications is not bad. But the daily reliance on them is. Ask any doctor: they don’t want you having to come see them for the rest of your life. They want to you heal and get better and not have to be on the cocktail of meds that you currently are on.

If you are like me and do everything in your power to not have to visit a doctor, or take a drug or medication BUT in your case you have a deeper-rooted disease or illness that you haven’t been able to get under control, don’t be so closed to temporary medical intervention. TEMPORARILY, to balance the scales long enough for your natural effects to win out. Think about it, we are exposed to very unnatural toxins and man-made chemicals and high concentrations of germs and odd organisms that our bodies have not had a chance to adapt to over the years. So why not fight fire, with fire? Not every day for the rest of your life, but if you have had a life-long Candida yeast over growth, throughout your body, why not combine your natural Candida protocol with a couple of weeks of Diflucan, or another medical antifungal? If you have life-long issues with bladder or other bacterial infections, don’t be too proud to use antibiotics for a few weeks – just long enough for your natural efforts to win over (and be diligent in replacing any beneficial bacteria when you have completed the antibiotics).

Do I recommend surgery? NO. NEVER. Once we open up the body, tinker around removing things, cutting organs, removing bones, fusing bones, etc. it complicates things that much more for your body’s healing systems (obviously, if you are in an accident, get all the emergency surgeries needed to save your life) But chronic diseases, illnesses – they might not be easy to treat and correct without surgery, in lots of cases, but I never said it was easy. But it’s worth it!


(10) Stress and Mental State



In America, we, as a society tend to downplay the physical impacts of stress and mindset. THEY ARE REAL! And they are manifest in physical ailments just as easily as bacteria and viruses. Believe it.

Your body is a very simple machine. When your brain needs to send signals through your nervous systems , many times, it uses chemicals to get the message across. Stress produces chemicals called hormones – cortisol and epinephrine. The chemicals aren’t bad (we’re not talking about Clorox bleach) but just like any other chemical, it is a toxin (your body can’t digest or assimilate it). But as long as we flush the chemicals out as fast as stress produces them, they don’t build up and cause and harm. Imagine you’re in a tiny row boat. As you get stressed, water leaks into your boat through a little hole in the bottom. But as long as you stick to your Reset lifestyle that removes those chemicals, you are able to bail out the water in your tiny boat, without it filling up. BUT if that hole gets larger (lots of constant stress) and you aren’t bailing fast enough (not removing the chemical hormones fast enough), it’s simple logic, your boat will fill (starting with your weak spots) and eventually you will sink. Simple as that!

The same thing occurs with a negative mental attitude. As hocus pocus as it sounds, holding on to a pessimistic outlook on life, focusing on what’s wrong instead of focusing on what’s right, always seeing the glass as half empty, being distrustful of others, with no provocation – absolutely will hold you back and prevent you from making the health progress you deserve. Have you ever had a headache for a while then forgotten about it? Then someone asks you, “How’s your headache?” All of a sudden you start to feel it again? Crazy, huh? If you focus your energy on a thing, you will tend to get that thing.

GOOD NEWS: There will come a point where your body reaches an equilibrium, and you won’t need to be as strict with your 13 Core Reset Steps. For me it happened after about four years. From day one I felt and saw benefits (from my first cleanse, to stopping fast food, to drinking water, etc.) I could track and see it was working regularly, but after four years I could eat breads and pasta with less bloating. When I hit that equilibrium, I could skip a few salads before I felt it in my joints. After equilibrium, I no longer CRAVED processed foods or sweets so I didn’t need to use willpower. They just weren’t on my radar any longer.!

That equilibrium will happen for you. You may be one of the lucky ones, and one cleanse Resets your body. Or it could take you years (with tons of noticeable, trackable life improvements along the way). But when it happens, you can cheat more, slack more, be free more but YOU. MUST. EARN. IT.

I did. And you will too. BE WELL…

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  1. Cheryl July 10, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    my husband and I just did the water challenge. He lost 4 lbs and I lost 10!

    • Terry Givens July 10, 2015 at 4:01 pm

      RIGHT ON! 21 Salads Challenge time…

  2. Saad February 17, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    That is such a great question and I rellay appreciate you asking. I’ll be very honest in trying to answer this. I didn’t have any say in the cover. I saw it once it was done and the satanic symbol was a concern. I think the publisher was thinking it would get the average Joe who was into scary books to pick it up and buy it. Once the reader got into the book they would hear about God and his power to set people free. That is my impression on why that was chosen on the publisher end of things. Not a huge answer but an honest one.

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