So you want to be healthier? Then PROVE IT!

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  • Start with Challenge #1 and progress your way through each Challenge.
  • If you’ve already mastered the 1st couple of Challenges, you can skip those and start higher up.
  • Have fun! Tell some friends and bring them in on your Challenge too!
  • Try to start the next Challenge immediately, and try not to take more than a week or 2 between Challenges – It’s called a “Challenge” not an “Easy” right?!?
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Why should you take a challenge to reset your body? It can change your life. Here's how:

  • Simple daily changes that will make all the difference. “I’m getting old”. “I have no energy”. “I’m always sick”. “I need to lose weight”. “I have a chronic illness”. “I just don’t feel healthy”. “I’m in great shape but I know my insides are terrible”. You need to Reset!

  • Whether you are 91 years old or 19 years old, you can begin to incorporate these simple Challenges so that the rest of your life doesn’t have be a repeat of the past. There is no product to buy to eat or pill to pop or magical cream here. It’s good old fashioned common sense that somehow isn’t so common anymore.

Who I Am

I think that far too many people are suffering needlessly. I want to empower people to make better natural lifestyle decisions that will help them lose the weight they want, have the energy they need, end suffering from chronic illnesses, break through the next level in performance, and ensure them a long, happy, positive, vibrant existence. I want to help people to not live in fear of the future and not feel powerless about their health. I want to simplify the confusion and show that it’s very very simple to be the dynamo of a person that you can be. This I wish for you.

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“Day 9, I just weighed myself and I’m down 13 lbs since starting this! I plan to continue juicing for 30 days and just allow myself one raw meal a day. I want to be the healthiest me I can be” – G.L.

“Thanks Gurus, for all your amazing advice and info. Has been a great two weeks, am very happy to be eating again though. Thank you everyone for your wonderful support and I love the community spirit of this group.” – S.R.

“I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!10 DAY MASTER CLEANSE DONE!!!!!! never been so proud of my will power to not eat junk food and i feeeel amazing!! ” – J.M.

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